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?Marine Navigation School, which was established in September 2004 , whose predecessor can be traced back to Zhoushan Navigation School in 1990, who set up the two specialties of Marine Navigation and Marine Engineering with a long history of specialty construction. At present, the school possesses the two specialties of Marine Navigation and Marine Engineering , which have been awarded the prominent specialties at the provincial level . The school will be confronted with good potential development with excellent teaching staff and advanced equipment resources. It adheres to the employment-orientation and characteristic development, which is dedicated to provide high-level technical talents with good professional ethics and devoted spirit, basic abilities and skills competent for the practices of 3rd officer and 4th engineer, professional development basics, as well as all-round development covering ethics, intellect, physique, and aesthetics to meet the requirements of international shipping industry. There are currently about 1,500 full-time students and 54 professional teachers ,including 10 teaching staff with senior titles and 4 senior technicians .

The School attaches great importance to the construction of training base and is currently not only equipped with advanced real machines and simulation training equipment such as Ship Handling Simulator , Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) , Engine Room Simulator and Radar Simulator, and also with the following training centers such as Maritime Safety Training Center, Sailors’ Skills Center , Crew Competency&Assessment Center , Craft-Proficiency Training Center , Power Plant Dismantling Center. The traing base covers a total area of over 6,000 square meters and owns equipment of more than 20 million, with the constructing level being in a leading position in the Province .The two professional training bases for Marine Navigation Technology and Marine Engineering Technology were both awarded the first group of pilot training bases in Zhejiang Province in 2009 . Based on the good relations of school-enterprise cooperation , the school has its own training vessel named “The College” and some other ships belonging to Zhoushan Ports Corporation, which are all used for students’ sailing recognition internships and graduation practices .

The school establishes the concept of actively providing services to the society, responds positively to “Double Eight Strategies” of Zhejiang provincial party committee and fulfills the professional advantages to establish long-term school-enterprise cooperative relationship with various shipping companies in the prominent situation of constructing Zhoushan Island New Area and International Seafarers’ Training Base. It completes all kinds of crew training of more than 5,000 people each year ,whose items include Basic Safety , Proficiency in Craft, High Level Fire Fighting , Proficiency in First Aid , Passenger Ships & Ro-Ro Passenger Ship Training and Duty Sailors, Duty Mechanic , GMDSS General Operator , and various types of the Crew Competency Certificates Training involving captain, chief officer, 3rd officer, chief engineer , 2nd engineer and 4th engineer from coastal navigation areas , and continuously expands the new training items such as Yacht Operation, Bridge Resource Management , Ship Security , Oil Tanker Operation and Chemicals Operation,attaining a high reputation in the field of crew education and training in Zhejiang Province .

Over the years, the employment rate of graduates with certificates in the school is up to 100%, who have been favored by the shipping companies at home and abroad .Since the marine specialties was set up in 1990 , there have been a total of more than 1,000 outstanding graduates serving for well-known shipping companies at home and abroad such as Orient Overseas Container Liner (HK) Ltd. (OOCL) , and enjoying a relatively higher reputation in the international shipping community due to good professional ethics and safety & environmental protection awareness , English proficiency and excellent professional skills.

? Ship Engineering Institute, 21st Century is the century of ocean. To develop ocean, education should go first. Ship Engineering Institute, with its tenet “base on Zhoushan, serve Zhejiang and face the world”, has been devoting all its effort to cultivating junior and senior technical personnel for ship & ocean engineering building and repairing industries and port mechanical & electrical equipment companies under the good situation of Zhejiang ocean economic development and Zhoushan New Area construction

Ship Engineering Institute offers coursework in the fields of Ship Engineering Technology, Ship Machinery Manufacturing & Repairing Technology, Ship Electrical Engineering Technology, Ship Outfitting, Port Logistics Equipment & Automatic Control and Electromechanical Integration. Ship Engineering Technology is one of the majors with provincial professional characteristics. There are nearly 600 full-time students. Among the 35 faculty members, there are 5 having a senior title, 1 titled Young Outstanding Expert of the province, 1 being college famous teacher and 2 being Leading Academic Figures of the college. The Institute has established Zhejiang Shipping Export Base Training Platform for public service, Cao Wenjin Information Center, Marine Electrical Training Center, Hull Training Center, Ship Equipments Training Center, Power Equipments Training Center, Metalworking Training Center and other professional training centers required for professional practice. The Ship Engineering Technology Training Base was named the provincial first qualification training base.

The Institute adheres to the belief “student-centered education and moral education first”. It exerts culture educational function, brings the factors like industry, enterprise, and occupation into the campus culture and strengthens occupation moral and spirit training to promote students' knowledge, skill, and occupation harmonious development. It sets up clear educational goals according to the social demands. It makes and develops professional training scheme with the industries and enterprises based on the references of occupation requirement. It introduces technology standards of the industries and enterprises to perfect the double certificate system.

The Institute has established a close cooperative relationship with Tsuneishi-group (Zhoushan) Shipbuilding Co., Ltd, IMC Group, Yangfan Group, Herun Group, and Zhejiang Ouhua Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. It develops professional curriculums and teaching resources with these companies. It implements teaching-learning-doing integration mode reforms like Task-based, Project-oriented, Order-training, Working-studying Alternation and etc. to enhance the employability of students.

The Institute is committed to international education cooperation. In April, 2011 the exchange programs with Ukraine National Shipbuilding University started. The first batch of graduates has gone to Ukraine for further study. This program is a safe and economic short cut for studying abroad.

The Institute has now become the training base for ship and ocean engineering building and repairing industries and port mechanical and electrical equipment companies and has already cultivated a large number of professionals for them.

?School of port management takes the service to regional economic development as its standpoint, and adjusts and optimizes the professional structure continuously according to the changes in all aspects of the port and transport chain, international trade, international transportation of goods, and various positions of production and management in logistics and distribution, customs clearance, port services, revolving round the development strategy of the Zhejiang marine economic demonstration area and the strategy of new area of Zhoushan Islands.

So far, the school has formed and constructed the complex and multi-directional professional group with special majors as the supporting platform: the profession of Port Business Management takes the process of management of port production process, and port economic services as its direction; Logistics Management takes both enterprise logistics and international logistics into account as its direction; Customs and International Freight Forwarding is designed to train professional practitioners for customs clearance and freight forwarding; Business English takes foreign trade as the direction; the main direction of Computer Information Management is network management and website design and maintenance; Computer Art takes graphic design as the main direction; and the Food Processing and Monitoring focuses on both food processing, production management and inspection. The existing full-time students in the school are more than 1,300. The College is strong, with 51 full-time teachers, 1 professor, 15 associate professors, and 34 lecturers, in which 23 teachers have got master degree and more than 90% of professional teachers are the ones with double qualified certificates.

All the professions in the school have the clear goal to cultivate highly skilled personnel with good personal qualities, good professional job ability and strong team spirit. Professional Steering Committee composed of the backbone professional teachers and the experts outside the school grasps the direction for the professional development, adhering to the principle that the talent training scheme goes after the market, minor changes every year, major changes every three years. In recent years, the school has been emphasizing to cultivate the students’ professional skills by participating in various types of college students' skills competitions and the tests for professional qualification certificates. Some students have achieved excellent results in a wide range of provincial and national skills competitions. The school has many test projects for professional certificate such as test for logistician certificate, test for international freight forwarder, test for international trade documentary specialist certificate and BEC, and will further develop training programs to create opportunities for students to find job, choose job and start their own career.

The school adheres to the education mode of school-enterprise cooperation, signing the agreement of school-enterprise cooperation with more than 20 companies like Shanghai Changlian International Logistics Co., Ltd., Port and Shipping Authority of Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Energy Sino Coal Zhoushan Coal-fired Electricity Limited Liability Company (Liuheng), Ningbo Mingyang logistics Co., Ltd., Ningbo Da Xun International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Xingye Group Co., Ltd., Zhoushan Jinyuan Aquatic Food Co., Ltd., Zhoushan Software and Creative Industries Public Service Platform Co., Ltd., Zhoushan Pacific Technology Development Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Zhuoda Engineering Co., Ltd., and regularly keeps contact with these partner enterprises and other employing enterprises. Every year, the school organizes recruitment for graduates to expand employment path, the employment rate of graduates being over 95%. By continuously deepening cooperation with enterprises and industries, the school has promoted the improvement of the level of training personnel.

?Ocean Tourism School is the first modern vocational tourism college to cultivate ocean tourism talents depending on Zhoushan’s unique ocean tourism resources. For many years, according to the needs of the development of modern ocean tourism, the School has innovated new majors and fields of ocean tourism. Permitted by the Ministry of Education, it opens the new majors of Ocean Tourism Management and International Cruise Ship Service. In 2010, the School was named “Zhejiang Ocean Tourism Talents Training Base” by the Provincial Tourism Administration. At present, it has opened Tourism Management, International Flight Cruise, Tourism English(directing for travel agency management) and Tourism Management(directing for hotel management). Now there are more than 1500 students, 35 full-time teachers and 31 part-time teachers. During the full-time teachers, there are 9 professors and associate professors, 23 college lecturers, 18 teachers having the master’s degree and 28 “double teachers”. The School has its own Putuo Marine Travel Agency, training rooms for hotel, reception and Chinese tea, language training practice rooms, ocean tourism training center, cruise training center and TRP tourism practice room. The total area is about 3000 square meters. These items provide tremendous teachers strength and practical training conditions to cultivate talents for tourism industry.

Ocean Tourism School has quite good relationships with many enterprises in the industry, such as Intercontinental, Sofitel, Landison, Nanyuan, Worldland Hotel groups and other well-known domestic companies. We have the on order training programs with these companies. We have also established long-term partnerships with Singapore Star Cruises and the American Royal Caribbean International. Each year, our students will be sent to have their internship on these cruise ships, some will even have their jobs there. We have reached the education cooperation intentions on TOPUP program with University of Bridgeport in USA and other overseas universities. Every student from our school will have the opportunity to work at high level hotels, luxury cruise ships, travel agencies and scenic spots, both domestic and abroad; or choose the TOPUP program to take the advanced studies abroad as well.

At present, under the new situation of Zhoushan Archipelago construction and our college’s creating national and ocean involved model vocational college, our school are doing all work for the construction of basic specialized course, teaching staff, course system, practical training base and so on, aiming to provide powerful personnel support for the economic development of the New District ocean tourism.


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